Chelsea hanging out in the showroom

Where It All Started:

I started this dress a long time ago, but had no Barbie to try it on; I found a couple in the trash this spring (2003) and so picked it up again to work on ... and the rest is history. I tried it on a My Scene Nolee to see how it would look with the larger head, and I suddenly had my Spanish Princesa

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Then I started in on sweaters -- you see one of the yellow ones above (hanging in the showroom). I made numerous prototypes trying to get it just right:

This is the sweater on the largest needles I felt could maintain the scale -- a size 3:

Above is my personal assistant Lydia modelling a chub I developed -- I'm still quite fond of 1940's fashion.

...and at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum on 22 November

...and the new line of fabulous faux furs:

on the left, a fox chub, and on the right, "The Paris"


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