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....and then after the grueling fourteen-hour plane flight back, in which we leave Hong Kong around 11:00 P.M. Friday 21 March 1997, after a delay of an hour or so, we arrive in L.A. at 9 P.M. the same night. Naturally, we head straight to Puerto Escondido for Mexican food (y bebidas para calmarnos despues del viaje largo) and then I get up Saturday morning and drive the 100 miles to San Bernardino to resume teaching my Saturday classes. Not only have my students forgiven me a Saturday for a honeymoon and birthday trip to Hong Kong, they have prepared a surprise party for me on my return! Birthdays don't get any better than this. On on.

San Bernardino Valley College: English 908A Saturday Class

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...and this is just the start. You'll find lots more links once you get there! Have fun--I know I do!
Ali Baba's Books
Index guide to Ali Baba's Bookshop: Great books for the Teaching of Reading, Multicultural Readings, and Social Studies
Ali Baba's Bookshop Annexe , the old shop
books for developing literacy, arranged by level and by topic
Ali Baba's Bookshop
...and did you know that Mrs. Johnson was a painter,
Alison McMahon, Artist Extraordinaire
Theatre of Arts ESL Classes
I worked in this wonderful school, the oldest school of acting in Los Angeles, for 3+ years, under the direction of Valmar Oleska.
Go ahead, ask me, did I love my job or what? I did.
Mrs. Johnson's K/1 Class, 1997-1998
Go ahead, ask me, did I enjoy my classes or what? I did.
p. 2 of SBVC pages
More 908A Photos
Sunset on the Empire
Begin Hong Kong Photos, March 1997
Mrs. Johnson's Hot Links
An ESL resource page--lots of good links to outside sources
The Real America
Sources and resources--lots of good ones for ESL students and curious people
Why I Loved Living in San Bernardino
Route 66
Media English
What's in the news--for ESL and Reading Students
Grammar Police
Noteworthy criminals plus Deputies' Hall of Fame
Writing Links
Designed for ESL Students and Developing Writers
How to Write a Book Report
Generic form for a book report: for my 910 students
Go ahead, ask me, do I love teaching or what? I do.
Los Angeles Unified School District
check out this great educational web site--it's everything a district site should be...and more.

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Please check out inexpensive books from my own home and classroom bookshelves, which I'm thinning out, listed on my page.

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