Frida Kahlo Doll Makeover
Frida in Progress

My Frida Kahlo Doll, stage six

Frida was made from a My Scene Nolee, chosen for her hair color. As Frida was a very tiny woman, this doll does her justice.

Below is the same doll, at stage four of painting;

these features were reworked and brought her up to stage five,

and reworked again, bringing her up to stage six:

I have not yet 100% completed any of them and am planning to get a group of Frida series finished before considering selling any of them.

Here she is, above left, at stage three, having been sanded, along with a My Scene Chelsea (center) and a My Scene Nolee (right) with their original paint. This Chelsea has become the "Emily" on page two here.

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Frida at stage three, after sanding:

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I started a page for people who have rediscovered their love of playing with dolls with these lovely little My Scene ladies. If you're interested in joining a Yahoo group with this interest, please click the Yahoo button below:

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