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This is the first page of the stages of repaints of the lovely My Scene Dolls -- Chelsea, Nolee, Barbie, and Madison

Barbie dolls have a lot of dedicated groups, but the new generation of My Scene dolls don't yet, so I started a page exclusively for people who have rediscovered their love of playing with dolls with these lovely little ladies. If you're interested in joining a Yahoo group with this interest, please click the Yahoo button below:

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The approach to the entire face,the most basic step of which is establishing a more natural eye proportion:

This is a Chelsea, who is telling me her name is Emily:

It's not meant to be a "Got Milk?" ad -- the white was underpainting for highlight. This is stage two of Emily's repaint; again, this is a stage 2 underpainting and so nothing glossy had been added. After photographing her for the record, I removed all the paint -- she's a teenager, and you know how they overdo it with the makeup!

Not a good photo, but something for the record and how Emily looks (-ed) from a farther point

You can see that the more natural size of the eyes makes a My Scene doll look less like something from Roswell, New Mexico and more human. With Emily, I was experimenting with a sort of "stage makeup;" eyeshadow extended into the previous eye area to give the impression of larger eyes, as is done on stage, while keeping an actual eye proportionate to the face.

I removed the paint again after this initial overdoing of Emily's makeup and the near-completed version is below. She just needs a little more eye detail and then glazing of the eyes and lips. I've been using matte medium to be able to control what parts are shiny and what are not, adding the shine last.

I have not yet 100% completed any of them and am planning to get a group of them finished before considering selling any of them.

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