Fashion Dolls Madeover: Charice, Skipper, Integrity Kit, Cy Girls redheads and blondes

The Sepulveda Girls -- an Introduction

In the summer of 2004, we had the opportunity to send the young one, Pinky, off to Harry Potter Camp, which started 15 June. She made reservations on the Priority Train for the last week of May, and was busy packing and getting ready with great excitement all month.

The photo above is of Emily, who travelled constantly with Luisa in the early days of her touring Dallas.
She is the first My Scene repaint I did with the special focus I wanted to put on them -- more natural size and placement of their eyes. She is a sweet sweet girl who's been patiently waiting for her chance to begin attending film festivals again, as of May 2007, along with Luisa and Claire/Clare.

Barbie dolls have a lot of dedicated groups, but the new generation of My Scene dolls don't yet, so I started a page for people who have rediscovered their love of playing with dolls with these lovely little ladies (and by extension, Flavas, Get Real Girls, Charice, Janay, Fashion Royalty, and the Cy Girls). If you're interested in joining a Yahoo group with this interest, please click the Yahoo button below:

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Now then, I discovered another kind of doll screaming out for a repaint, for the opposite reason the My Scene dolls do: the tough Cy Girls have a determined look in their eyes and a hard look to their faces, and, as I love a challenge, I figured out how to make them look more feminine with a makeover. Their eyes appeared too small, when actually the face sculpt is very naturally proportioned; a little makeup and voilá: a Cy Girl as pretty as her chest is big, Claire Sepulveda:

Another one of the gorgeous redheaded Sepulveda girls is Rhubarb Sepulveda, one of triplets. Rhubarb Sepulveda and Luisa met while Luisa was out taking photos in the Orpheum in Los Angeles and Rhubarb was doing her special retro-stripper act, which Luisa got great photos of -- burlesque in the tradition of Gypsy Rose Lee. Oddly enough, the name of the Sepulveda sister above is actually Gypsy Rose Sepulveda. Growing up with that name around her and knowing it signified something is what got Rhubarb interested in burlesque -- she doesn't do the "Pussycat" or "All Girls All the Time" club bit: she is a performance artist keeping alive an old theatrical tradition. At any rate, Luisa is coming to know the members of the Sepulveda family one by one -- somewhere along the line a Luna married a Sepulveda or vice-versa, but they are related by marriage and haven't tracked down the exact relationship or date -- it's just something they both knew about and were surprised to find they were connected.

When I first started working with the ladies and made a dress, trying it on several of them, one of them ran off with it overnight: it was a week before I found it where she'd dropped it!

Yes, I'm Irish, and yes, dolls really do come to life in our Wonderful Parallel Universe.
I just yesterday (27 October 2006) found a photo of myself with my dog with a candid photo of one of the dolls running across the headboard of the bed, completely unnoticed by me until I was examining the photo!


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