The West

The Best of the West
An anthology of Classic writing from the American West, Tony Hillerman, ed., $14.00
The Day of the Locust
Nathaniel West, $19.95 Novel about the savagery lurking beneath the American Dream--Merriam Webster Dictionary of Literature
**Miss Lonelyhearts
Nathaniel West
Farewell, My Lovely
Raymond Chandler, $8.80
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Road Trips: Books in Association with Amazon Books

On the Road
by Jack Kerouac, $9.56
Travels with Charlie
by John Steinbeck, $6.36
Blue Highways
by William Least Heat Moon
A Hoosier Holiday,
by Theodore Dreiser, $17.50
By Motor to the Golden Gate
by Emily Post, 1916, out of print
Culture Shock U.S.A.
by Esther Wanning, $10.36 A must-read for first time visitors (actually I enjoyed it myself) on aspects of American culture, manners, and behavior that may appear confusing at first.
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for ESL and Reading Students
Ali Baba's Bookshop
the newer, all-color version
Ali Baba's Bookshop
The Old Shop
Ali Baba's Bookshop Annexe
for ESL and Reading Students (the old shop)

Road Trips on the Internet

Divided Highways, a PBS presentation airing 22 October 1997
This is a companion site to the PBS program on America's Highways, with interviews, audio and text transcription, teachers' guides, and interactive classroom activities.
September 18-22, 1997, Route 66 Rendevous
in downtown San Bernardino, "the Route 66 Capital of America." Classic cars cruise the closed-off downtown streets. If you like classic cars, San Bernardino is the place. Check out the site.
For awesome pictures of a North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho road trip on Harleys,
go to the Harley riding Dentist's, Doc Hemp, musically enhanced B.A.D. Chariots pages.

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