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Literary Kicks
Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Ferlinghetti....
Literary Kicks
Jack Kerouac in Real Audio
Johnny Depp, Matt Dillon, Joey Altruda reading Jack Kerouac
Guerilla Girls
Hunter S. Thompson
Hunter S. Thompson
Joe Bob Briggs
reviews movies--his favorites are drive-ins
To the Wigwam Motel
Route 66, Baseline Avenue
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Multicultural Museums in the LA Area
Great Sites!
Japanese American National Museum
Skirball Center
The Southwest Museum
Plaza de la Raza
Self-Help Graphics
El da de los muertos
El da de los muertos with Glasgow Print Studio
Korean American Museum
see also what you can do to support its funding
Art Links:
These are not all "The Real America," per se, but are representative genre pictures that can be compared with genre painting in the U.S. and are also representative of the roots of common life here. These links were put together to complement a lesson plan done for the LACMA-LAUSD multicultural unit.
Carol Gerten's Virtual Fine Art Museum
closest mirror site
Thomas Hart Benton Links
Diego Rivera Links
(Through Carol Gerten's Fine Art Museum)
Jan Vermeer
Street in Delft (1657-58)
Peasant Wedding
Vincent van Gogh
"The Sower," Netherlands, 1880's
(painting, 1888)
Pre Eloi's Farm (drawing, 1890)
cf. Thomas Hart Benton, Planting (Spring Plowing) US. 1930's-40's
Pierre Auguste Renoir
The Boating Party Lunch, 1881
John Biggers
"The History of Negro Education in Morris County Texas," Mural sketch, 1952:
compare with T.H. Benton's Missouri and Indiana History Murals and with Diego Rivera's "El Mundo Azteca" in Palacio Nacional in Mexico City

East LA: Lincoln Heights, December 1996
© Alison McMahon 1997

Native American

Native Sites on the Net:
Hawaii Nation:
Tribal Areas of California:
Native American Recipes of the San Bernardino Valley:
"Real Indians Eat Jello": (not yet--see Media English) A humorous short story of remembered family life.


Latino Link
Articles and Links
Asian Link
Articles and Bulletin Board Forums
Sinanet News Center, Taiwan
In English and Chinese; Real Audio in Chinese
Restoring a Lion
at Weaverville Joss House, oldest Chinese Temple in California
Chinatown, Olvera Street, and Little Tokyo
A Day Tour--take the metrolink
Bangkok Post Student Weekly
Ali Baba's Multicultural Books
Good Reading for ESL and Reading Students
Ali Baba's Graded Classics
More good ESL and Developing Readers
Art and Webpages concerning family history:
Japanese American Museum:
finding family stories gallery (a digital gallery)
Korean American Museum
Community Photos
Ancestry: Religion, Death and Culture:
Master of Fine Arts Show, Spring 1994 University of California, San Diego by Belinda Di Leo
The paintings in Ancestry: Religion, Death and Culture document my own native culture of Central Appalachia. The work portrays a sense of place and character, as well as spiritual conviction, all reinforced by a repetition of visual imagery. Through the juxtaposition of a variety of images, the paintings explore the interrelationship between religion and the inevitability of death.
The Legacy of Grammy Mirk
Interracial Marriage Lasting Over 48 Years Japanese & American
(a nice family history site with photos)
Online Photo Sources for imaginary ancestors:
Library of Congress,
American Memory Series
African American Odessy
California Gold
Folk Music from the Thirties
Library of Congress on line exhibits home page
American Immigrant Wall of Honor
The Underground Railroad
African American Culture--the Smithsonian
Faces of LA
Shades of L.A.
pictures from ethnic family albums, collected by LA Public Library