Digital Camera Sites/Sights

Cam-demonium: L.A. Cams
KFI AM640's Links to Digital Cameras around the Los Angeles Area
The Hollywood Sign
Take a look at the Hollywood Sign from a Digital Camera fixed on it 24 hours/day
The Strand Cam
Digital Camera on the Beach in Hermosa Beach, Mrs. Johnson's Home Town
Free Time, Getting Around, and Maps
L.A. Downtown Maps
Metrolink Information

The Best of the West
An anthology of Classic writing from the American West, Tony Hillerman, ed., $14.00
The Day of the Locust
Nathaniel West, $19.95 Novel about the savagery lurking beneath the American Dream--Merriam Webster Dictionary of Literature
**Miss Lonelyhearts
Nathaniel West
Farewell, My Lovely
Raymond Chandler, $8.80
Ali Baba's Bookshop Complex
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ESL Links

Places to Go and Things to See

The Real America
Kitschy fun American Culture put together for you by Mrs. Johnson
Channel 2000
Local events and culture, plus links to L.A. Times Calendar Site
Murals in L.A.
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
This is just down Wilshire and houses a superb permanent collection of representative art from Egyptian times through the present and, as a public museum, is able to get the finest traveling shows from around the world. It's the best all-around Art Museum on the West Coast--and it's free on the second Tuesday of the month; it's also open until 8PM most evenings.
"Next door" is the Page Museum and the La Brea Tar Pits, where you can watch actual archeological digs in progress: the tar pits are right there as they have been for thousands of years and from which the dinosaur bones of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History in Exposition park were retrieved.
Also on the site is a fine Asian Museum in a unique spiraling building
MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art
is located downtown at 1st and Grand. Admission is free on Thursday evenings from 5-8 P.M., when, in the summer they also have "Summer Nights" free jazz performances on the Sculpture Plaza. Its sister museum, the Geffen Contemporary, is located at 1st and Central, just steps away from the Miyako Inn. This museum (the Geffen Contemporary) is also free on Thursday evenings.
The Getty Museum
Walker Evans' Photographs: we saw this exhibit in summer 1998, and I understand they're showing again this summer (2001)
Watts Towers
Watts Towers
from Digital City, Los Angeles. Go on the photo tour after you read the introduction
Watts Towers
USC--Digital Camera of Plaza with informational links
Digital Camera focused on Tommy Trojan (make a date with your friends in Japan and smile for the camera!)
Philippe's French Dip
Menu, photographs, history
We went here by DASH bus in summer 1997
You must try their house mustard
Canter's Delicatessen
for a fine slice of Pastrami and LA both!
hint: a visit here is like being in one of Walker Evans' photos!
Taco Bell
in Art: This is a wonderful portrait of a tostada by an old friend from the CSULB Art Department, Richard Montoya
Students love the Chicken Soft Tacos and free refills in the Taco Bell Food Court just off San Pedro Street, around the corner from Bukkyo-LA.
We've been treated very kindly at the Subway at First and Main: Thanks Jose!
We were also very well treated at the Subway at 2805 S. Figueroa, near USC
The last time we went to the 1st and Main Subway, it was closed;
next door, at the Olive Tree,
we found fabulous Italian food and a warm welcome from the manager (Abe) and staff, who are all especially helpful. They've moved a couple of blocks east in the last year or so.
Grand Central Market and the Bradbury Building.
The Broadway Movie Palaces.

Digital City, Los Angeles
Links to all the sights
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The Phantom of the Opera home page
It has links to the summary
and to the complete libretto (from Tower Records)
Bukkyo students went to see this in the Summer 1998 session.
American Visions
PBS' web site on Robert Hughes' American Art Special
America Seen
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