Art    Links

Exworthy's Art Links
Lots of fun Art sites for children and parents both
Children's Art
A Cyber-Refrigerator Display

Book Links

The Mitten
Score lesson plan for teachers and good pictures (masks) for children
The Reading Corner
Books for grades 2-8 reviewed
Ali Baba's Books for Primary Grades
Selected titles from Mrs. Johnson's classes to buy on-line
Ali Baba's Books for ESL and Reading Development
High-interest, low vocabulary books arranged by reading level and interest category.
Ali Baba's Books for Teachers
Books for Reading Instruction and Assessment in line with new California Reading guidelines and for the CSUSB Certificate in Primary Reading Development as well as old personal favorites

Other Classes' Web Pages

Welcome to class 1-308's Web Site!
Trish Peterson's Great Elementary Classroom and Curriculum in New York

Links for children, parents, and teachers

Children's Authors On Line
Ask Jeeves for Kids
A search engine where children can ask a question in plain English and be taken to one good site that answers it! Wow!
Exworthy's Educational Links
A great educational resource page for teachers, children, and parents
The Global Schoolhouse
Linking children around the world
Los Angeles Unified School District
Now here's what a real educational site from a school district should look like!
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