Friday 21 March 1997

19th and 20th century Hong Kong on the eve of the 21st century

After walking around Kowloon all day, visiting the only really quiet place in town (the old Boys' school with a display of Hong Kong and New Territories' historical buildings)

we returned to the hotel, were driven to the airport in a beamer, and then I did my customary last-minute tearing apart of luggage at the counter to redistribute weight (thank you D.T. for your indulgence in this and so many other things), checked in, sat in the lounge and waited for our delayed 11 P.M. flight a little longer,

and then went through security, where this picture was taken to make sure my camera wasn't a weapon. I looked a Hell of a lot better after six straight days of running and a day of walking around Hong Kong and Kowloon waiting for a late night flight than I do right now after this marathon web building session. I wanted to get this up before 1 July. I'll need to self-censor any incorrectness that may be perceived as political. We plan to return to Hong Kong in the 21st century, and we say farewell to Hong Kong and 100 years of British rule, wondering what the future has in store for this once "barren rock" and its inhabitants, bearing in mind the words of Lion City's tribute as the Sun sets on the British Empire:


The most endearing legacy of the British Empire

Thankfully the sun still shines brightly somewhere on political incorrectness.

so it wasn't until I got back that I put it all together. I learned a lot on Nathan Road this time.

On on and the best to you all in the next century of your history.

and remember:

You've got to have a schedule if you want to moon the Amtrac. --Shortstrokes

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