BFE then did some fine runs in the San Bernardino Mountains, with some fine limited edition patches. The first had patches for the road kill (the non-running spouses); then the "short cutters," pooped out at Poop Out Hill, at about 6000'; and then those who made it all the way to "the source," where the Santa Ana River bubbles up out of the ground at 8000' on Mt. San Gorgonio. It was about ten miles with over a mile in altitude gain. Not for the weak, confused, or those who needed to be back in time for dinner.

and the next year, we did Harrier International World Trails Day, picking up several bags of brass bullet casings--not to mention plastic shotgun shells--around Thomas Hunting Ground Road on a newly opened section of the Santa Ana River Trail, with stunning views of the Santa Ana River valley in the San Bernardino Mountains and opening up below in the San Bernardino/Riverside plain.