After having to retouch the original CH3 1987 Down Island design from a kibbitzer's beer spill, I retired from HashArt so that I and the people around me didn't have to suffer through the concomitant Artistic Hissy Fits I was beginning to throw. This 1992 design for Foothill-BFE HHH is a later, more developed, incarnation of the original 1987 design (which I saw in a more commercialized ond obvious version mentioned on the previous page) done when I temporarily came out of retirement for a Hash whose motto is "KISS."

More to come.
More patches
Under construction, 19 December 1998
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Wet Furry Thing's Birthday Run
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BFE Does Hong Kong
Sunset on the Empire Runs, March 1997
The Real Stuff...or how I got my name
Archived paintings from the painting of the month.

I began making patches in small groups and found I could even make them at home on my computer. For a larger more detailed image of this one, please go to Sunset on the Empire Runs.