Hash Dog Extraordinaire

Fidel is always on trail, even when the rest of the pack is not.
Here, on a December 2001 LBH3 OFF trail -- it was the day the US started bombing in Afghanistan, I remember -- abandoning the shortcutters along the road (two of us with dogs had been directed to avoid a portion of the trail through a muddy tunnel), he led me straight across a park around a lake up onto the dock and to this check a good 30 minutes before what remained of the pack actually on trail got up to this check. We spent the rest of the time going around and around the lake at my insistence, looking for trail, until I finally gave up and went through a hedge Fidel had told me to go through from the beginning and got back on trail.

On an Orange County H3 Adipus trail. Fidel leads me through a field of fluff from Cottonwood trees

In Orange County on a good long scenic run laid by Choo Choo and Caboose

On a hilly and scenic trail in Culver City, 26 May 2002, with Tweedleme and (?) ... and dogs ... as hares.