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"You've got to have a schedule if you want to moon the Amtrac."


Hasta los perros abren los ojos en quince dias; los pendejos, nunca.

--Burciaga, un refrán mexicano


BFE Does Hong Kong
nice photos--takes time; HHH version.
Wet Furry Thing's Birthday Run 12/96
nice photos: "Born in East LA"
BFE Does Fort Worth 6 April 2002
text only: under construction (9 April 2002)
Shortstrokes' SHHHirts and PatcHHHes
still under construction--some images take a while, but they're worth it
BFE Patches
from BFE Hashes the Source of the Santa Ana River, 5000' up to 8000' (I don't hare often, but when I do, I does my homework)
Southern California Hashes
Worldwide Hash Pages
Fying Booger's Fine Site
Why I Like Teaching at Theatre of Arts
not Hashing, but these guys are something special! (use Browser's Back button to come back here: I don't link any of my Hash pages from the outside)
Ali Baba's Bookshop
Has HHH section
contact me

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