...and the next evening on the run with Kowloon H3, a tidy little run in Bai Sha Wan through the village over the bay and some exciting water crossing in the dark without a flashlight, after yet another cemetery, where V8 and I left off Rong Jon and one of the ladies in order to do the entire trail. It was worth it. Kowloon Hash laid on a banquet buffet at the Yacht club and most of the So Cal Hashers were off--on schedule--with Swiss Piss for the flight back to LA, but not before la Bufadora and (?) rushed back in to what were some of the wierdest down downs ever to thoroughly disgrace all of the visiting Hashers with an alarming display of what is best left unsaid and unsung. (more later on the week's runs). next page.

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On Tuesday we and Dogboner and O'Hump went to Kowloon to go to the jade market and, because I read everything I see, I found this on Nathan Road.

and later that night we ran with the Ladies of Hong Kong H3 all over Victoria. For them it must have been a boring run: for us, as visitors, it was a great run that took in the historical government house, the zoo, a veteran's memorial, steps and more steps next to the Peak Tram, Kennedy Road, something Spring road, Wanchai, the soccer field, central, and back On In, to an overflow group for the planned buffet. We flowed on over to the registration venue for a quieter evening of curry and beer, where I was fortunate to get the Lion City H3 shirt I have to nominate as the best Hash shirt ever.