Sunday Down Downs

...although they got rained out several times, were irrepressible, with the Germans winding them up with their own version of Father Abraham and the irrepressible Tom (what's his Hash name?) living up to his reputation as one of China Hashes best-ever GM's carrying them on on the bus to the bash, "at great expense to the bus company," not resting until everyone on the bus had had at least one Down Down and the aisle was awash in beer. Surprisingly enough, after the weekend was over, the only complaint from any of the bus drivers was that someone had pissed out a window. It wasn't us: we stopped the bus and used a road divider. Demolition Dummy, fascinated as she is with male members, couldn't contain herself at the On On and had to be forcibly restrained from being dragged out onto the floor clutching the hem of one of the gentlemen's kilts.

The Black Watch meets Demolition Dummy and Family Jewels

We were treated and feted at the On On and slipped out for a bash later, sparing ourselves the sight of Rong Jon slipping on the ice and bashing himself unconscious on the floor of the hangar. It seems he lay there some time before anyone realized he'd been knocked unconscious, as it's his customary condition late in the evening. He was absolutely a new man the next day...

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