BFE Dirt Road HHH Does Hong Kong

March 1997, running in Hong Kong for the Sunset on the Empire Runs.

Friday, 14 March we arrived very early in the morning after a grueling fourteen-hour flight and Bloody Mary breakfast appetizers. We rode around Victoria at dawn, waiting for our hotel to be ready for us, and waiting for shops to open. It was an opportunity to get out on a trail, where we found old Hash marks, and into the humidity that I'd missed so long and to ride the Peak Tram--which I'd never done--and look over all of the island and harbor

before going over to Stanley to shop and then to Aberdeen, where some opted to sit a little longer, but the more degenerate of us opted to stand up and drink beer, warming up for the weekend ahead and then finally to the hotel--to rest? Not with beer waiting for us at the registration headquarters for "The Sunset on the Empire," where we stared aimlessly at the book, materials, and a bag so full of fabulous goodies that, especially in the condition we were in after prolonged sleep deprivation unrelieved by beer after beer, the only thing that registered was us. We continued staring long into the night until finally surrendering to sleep. It was all too exciting for me, to see old friends from China Hash I'd missed for so page

The night before we left I ended up staying up all night making these patches for BFE (don't ask me what it means--it'd never get past the FCC) in response to a recent missive from the LBH3 regarding their rules and boundaries for Thursday nights, "No this, no that, and no the other, and NO BFE." It was just too good to pass up: We've always been out-of-bounds as far as they're concerned--and fully intend to stay that way.

Early morning Hong Kong from the Victoria Peak trail

...and sights like this that transported me back to the years I spent in Taipei, where old rooftop sights like this would surprise and delight me daily. These roofs are on some back stairs in Stanley. I'm glad we went when we did: the land owner has just (21 July 1997) gotten the go-ahead to tear it all out and build an air conditioned mall!

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