These are a series of exclusive knits custom designed and made for fashion dolls. This is an excellent little bolero that fits My Scene dolls, Barbie, Cy Girls, Mattel's Flavas Line, Volks Dollfie Plus or OOAK 11-1/2" fashion dolls as a both a retro style three-quarter length shrug or a full sleeve retro bolero; it's very versatile as it can pushed and pulled into a number of arrangements.

The Brittany

Any one of these faux furs is $15 and comes with a label and a signed Certificate of Authenticity

You've seen your favorite stars wearing them at awards ceremonies and around town.

Here's how a My Scene repaint looks in "The Brittany", a Barbie repaint in the turquoise version, and a Barbie repaint in the rust version.

Free shipping

Comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity

This design is exclusive to Alison's Wonderland of Furs, copyright Alison McMahon Johnson 2003, 2004.

Each sweater is unique, as each is individually handmade: hand-knit and carefully tailored. Because they are knit, the jackets lend themselves to posing your dolls in, as they can be adjusted to be worn open or closed (unless you're stuffing a BBI perfect body bustline into one, but a little decorative pin at the hemline will pull it all together, leaving a nice cleavage view). These are not little knitted squares of "knitted doll clothes" but carefully tailored doll couture made in the same way a full-sized sweater is: with fitted, set in sleeves, all knit on needles in scale to the size of the doll.

For more furs, please click on link: Fur Salon

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