My Scene Fashion Doll Makeovers and Repaints; My Scene Chelsea, Nolee, Madison, Barbie, Delancy

My Ladies -- an Introduction

This is the first page of the first stage of my repaints of the lovely My Scene Dolls -- Chelsea, Nolee, Barbie, and Madison

The photo above is of a Chelsea (red hair, now named Emily), Nolee (dark hair), and Barbie (blonde) in near-completed repaints. The following page will have stages of these repaints posted in the near future.

I never had a Barbie -- their bodies were too unnatural, even for me as a pre-teen, but recently Mattel has come out with a much more hip (literally and figuratively) doll series, and I have discovered the art of doll repainting -- removal of the factory paint and a more painterly approach to the entire face, the most basic step of which is establishing a more natural eye proportion.
Barbie dolls have a lot of dedicated groups, but the new generation of My Scene dolls don't yet, so I started a page for people who have rediscovered their love of playing with dolls with these lovely little ladies (and by extension, Flavas, Get Real Girls, Charice, Janay, Fashion Royalty, and the Cy Girls). If you're interested in joining a Yahoo group with this interest, please click the Yahoo button below:

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On the left is a Nolee whose eyes captivated me as is, so I kept her as a model -- My Spanish Princesa. Another one I've recently acquired and have to save as is, with factory paint, is the lively Delancy, who's currently sitting in a brass champagne glass. The Princesa is modelling a gown I crocheted, and it is finishing this gown that dragged me into the world of doll repaints.

Now then, I discovered another kind of doll screaming out for a repaint, for the opposite reason the My Scene dolls do: the tough Cy Girls have a determined look in their eyes and a hard look to their faces, and, as I love a challenge, I figured out how to make them look more feminine with a makeover. Their eyes appeared too small, when actually the face sculpt is very naturally proportioned; a little makeup and voilá: a Cy Girl as pretty as her chest is big:

When I first started working with the ladies and made a dress, trying it on several of them, one of them ran off with it overnight: it was a week before I found it where she'd dropped it!

Yes, I'm Irish, and yes, dolls really do come to life!


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