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A Work in Progress -- heavily underpainted doll to give the appearance of being on a carved wood base. An elaborate project that is now two years in the making....
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A Meeting of the Minds: A diorama -- a book left in a theatre is picked up by (who has now become) Barbara Muņeca
Diorama: it gets disassembled and evolves....
  • a rest time backstage,
  • a Chinese New Year Venue,
  • a Saint Patrick's Day Venue,
  • A Photography Studio
Luisa's Story: How I Rescued a Doll and Overcame a Lifelong "Barbie: the doll" Antipathy
The Sepulveda Girls: Several families actually are interrelated, the Luna family; from which Luisa comes; the Pendrago'n family, from which Claire comes; and the Salazar family. The Luna family is from Bolivia and has Santerrias and brujas of African influence in its makeup; the Salazar family, likewise, has curanderas and brujas with a Native American influence --healing and spirit work; the Pendrago'n family is Druidic; the Sepulveda family has within it all these talents combined.
Pinky Sepulveda Goes to Harry Potter Camp:

The First 50 Dolls ... and then some:

Doll #1 Barbie Emeritus;
found in trash April 2003

Doll #2 Luisa Imelda Luna, my travel doll;
found in same trash April 2003; a 1991 Nichelle Head mold -- the first Barbie to which I had ever responded.

Doll #3 Frida;
a My Scene Nolee Repaint

Doll #4 Emily;
a My Scene Chelsea Repaint

Doll #5 Edwina;
a My Scene Barbie Repaint

Doll #6 Frida II
a My Scene Nolee Repaint

Doll #7 Ethyl --
went too far and then turned into
Chinese (Asian Beauty) on second repaint;
a My Scene Nolee Repaint

Doll #8 My Personal Assistant (and HHH Doll) Lydia;
a My Scene Chelsea Repaint

Doll #9 ... ;
a My Scene Madison Repaint (left)

Doll #10 La Princesa
a My Scene Nolee factory paint (right)

Doll #11 (Zellweger lips);
a My Scene Barbie Repaint

Doll #12 AA;
Rio Christy head and Doll #2's (Luisa's) original body

Doll #13 Barbie pink and violet hair supplementation (rooting);
in the kitchen with Kelly doll (bendable arms)

Doll #14 El otoņo;
a My Scene Chelsea factory paint, wearing the jacket "El otoņo."

Doll #15 Bárbara Muņeca;
a traditional Barbie with hair reconditioning and styling.

Doll #16 ])
what started as a teen Barbie with B.Spears' pony braids turned into Courtney Love and then won a red ribbon in the "Trashy Chic" category of IFDC 2004 (International Fashion Doll Convention 2004, held in Dallas, Texas), and I was soooo very pleased.

Doll #17 (New Barbie)

Doll #18 G.I. Joe

Doll #19 Desert Infantry;
a World Peacekeepers Doll

Doll #20 Alison Wonderland;
this doll may have been repainted once again; not sure at the moment (July 2007), she may even have turned into the Paris Hilton doll (#21) below:

Doll #21 Paris Hilton
She's been Paris Hilton for a long time, waiting for clothes; it was not until June/July 2007 that I found "icon wear" for her; she rarely (if ever?) is seen wearing the same outfit twice, which made choosing a representative look difficult; opportunity presented itself and she is being outfitted in time for IFDC 2007

Doll #22 Fitting Model Chelsea

Doll #23 Dollfie
after some false starts and much removal of paint, this little lady turned into Nymphadora Tonks, and you see her here experimenting with orange hair while working at the cleaning out of Grimauld Place in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

Doll #24 Zsa Zsa;
an Integrity Charice

Doll #25 Velvita Kraft;
a perfect body bbi Stage II Cy Girl Makeover

Doll #26 Generation Girl Nichelle

Doll #27 Luisa III;
a 1991 Nichelle Head mold, with eyelashes.

Doll #28 Luisa II --
from Dolla -- a perfect match.

Doll #29 Eartha Kitt;
New AA Barbie (Christie head mold and BBB)

Doll #30 Macrame; New Barbie,
(Smiling head mold and BBB)

Doll #31 Monica Lewinsky, collection Deborah Spielman
Red Ribbon Winner in the Celebrity category, 2004 IFDC
also entry in the no-sew online challenge);
a Rosie O'Donnell Doll that, once I got her hair loosened up, spoke to me, saying, "Look, I'm Monica Lewinsky:"

Doll #32 (Greco-Roman Goddess);
worked as Queen of Heaven for Chinese New Year, before starting her repaint;
a Perfect Body Cy Girl (Asian; Jade)
photos here show her with factory paint removed and oil stain applied to add depth to the skin.

Doll #33 ... ;
AA Cy Girl (with Red Hair)

Doll #34 Values Set:
White with Blonde

Doll #35 Values Set:
Grey with Blonde

Doll #36 Values Set:
Black with Blonde

Doll #37 Values Set:
White with Raven
an Integrity "Jade" repaint

Doll #38 Luisa IV (poser);
199? Atlanta Olympics Gymnast AA

Doll #39 Mary Margaret;
My Scene Chelsea Repaint

Doll #40 Paris Hill de Toledo:
an I-Girl Paris makeover/repaint: collection Sharlene Harmony Hill. Paris went to live with Harmony for her photo stories as a thank-you for Harmony sending me a package of her own long hair to use for doll wigs.

Doll #41 ... ;
pre-teen skipper and what just a few accessories will do

Doll #42 Pinky Sepulveda;
a teen Skipper rescue-restyle
She's going to Harry Potter Summer Camp this June and July!

Doll #43 Rhubarb Sepulveda;
a Digital Darling Charice
factory paint and hair

Doll #44 Claire (Sepulveda);
a perfect body Cy Girls (Jet) makeover
a born extrovert

Doll #45 "My Husband Doll" (Mark)
Happy Family AA Grandfather

Doll #46 ... ;
a Perfect Body Cy Girl (Asian; Jade)

Doll #47 Sahara;
an I-Girl: Sahara

Doll #48 Lea;
Caligirls 2004, Mattel
A born pixie

Doll #49 ... ;
a Perfect Body Cy Girl (Asian; Jade) (oil and pencil)

Doll #50 Victoria (for now -- late 40's lips);
a Perfect Body Cy Girl (Asian; Jade)

Doll #51 Studio Model/1971- 1977 stage;
Brunette Cy Girl

Doll #52 AA Cy

Doll #53 ... ;
70's Karate Chop Barbie rescue

Doll #54 ... ;
Integrity Raven Hair (also Jade??)

Doll #55 AA Barbie
standard model for 2003

Doll #56 Clara Bow;
a My Scene Vespa Chelsea
oil paint and beeswax

Doll #57 Combat Control;
a World Peacekeepers Doll

Doll #58 Rita;
a Mattel with "the Mackie Face"

Doll #59 Chinese (oil paint);
a My Scene Nolee repaint,
in oils

Doll #60 Grace Tu (a.k.a. Grace Thu, Thieu, Two, Too),
World Peacekeepers, Power Team Elite female action figure
Hair color enhancement

Doll #61: FIlthy McNasty, the starched underwear boy
G.I. Joe knock-off, paint enhancement. After the Sepulveda Girls were through with him, there wasn't much left. He was shattered and is now institutionalized.

For the Grimm Intentions Online Challenge:

For OJI's (Old Joe's Infirmary) repaint challenge:

Goth Lady in progress (above)

Doll #84: Goth-not-too-Goth Girl, 2005-2006. Collection of Gary Lundberg: and good grief, I lost his address in a computer crash, got ready to send the doll again and lost it again. Good to go now: all I need is the $ for postage: it's gone up 3 times in the time she has been trapped in her priority box waiting to go and, like the Sarah Palin DIY doll, keeps gathering more items to take with her. I hope it's worth the wait!

Doll #__: Ethel Evelyn, a Dollfie Dream (Volks 60 cm/22" Ball-jointed Doll), 2005-2006:

Doll #__: A Sarah Palin Do-It-Yourself Doll, complete with her first rabbit pelt, her sniper gun (no boots: you don't need them to shoot animals from a helicopter), a map so she can learn a little more about parts of the world she can't see from her front porch, subscriptions to Various and All of 'Em Magazines, an ergonomic shoulder bag with baby bottle. She was indeed a gift that kept giving, and no sooner would I have this together to send to its owner than I would have to add another item. I got it sent off before I had to add a turkey:

I am indeed behind on getting dolls added in to the list: this is the first time in a long time that I have been able to move ahead a little, having spent years trying to catch up to where I was before a series of crashes in which I lost a lot of images: sadly so many from the day that Pinky arrived back from Harry Potter summer camp: all the girls came in to greet her, on foot and in cars. That day's photos were lost and a long hiatus began.
A lot of creative energy goes into my eBay listings now, and they are no longer accessible beyond 30+ days; used to be 90 and sometimes longer.
I am, however, back.

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  • Sewing Victorian Doll Clothes, by Michelle Hampton: includes patterns, sewing tips, finishing tips, glossary and stitch guide for hand-sewn garments.

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