Never insult an artist: he might make you immortal.

The Job Interview
Pearls Before Swine
Graphite, ©Alison McMahon 1993

"...or a web page builder: he might give you your fifteen minutes of fame."
--Punjab Hillstein, Occultist with a Mission


Endangered Species
A series of watercolors of Taiwan's unique farmhouses (under construction as of 25 May 1998)
Taoist Fellow and Buddhist Monk
Footnotes to the McArchives: Paintings of the other world
Water Imagery
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Painting of the Week
currently text-only
Mrs. Johnson's Launch Pad
ESL and American Culture Links--fun stuff
The Real America
Some of the fun stuff from Mrs. Johnson's Launch Pad: a page for adult ESL students with a lot of kitschy americana thrown in. Good photos that try to give a sense of place.
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