More Old Stuff....

Fire the Goat
Serigraph, about 1967
image size about 14" x 12"

A Carl Sandberg passage that spoke to me of fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, through Fire the Goat's murmuring in his sleep. Early on, I did all my work connected with and inspired by text, integrated with calligraphic text (or "lettering" -- I have no idea what that would be called today). This image would probably be better off on the page of linocuts, as an older woodcut is there.

Tree of Life
Pen & Ink, around 1975
image size around 12" x 16"

I did a lot of work studying the Tarot, the Kabballah (Caballah -- variety of spellings), the Tree of Life, Astrology, from about 1969 through 1975...actually the first ones, the intuitive astrological drawings were about 1969 I think. It seemed like I did these earlier than that and did them for a longer period of time, but the Tarot Cards were in about 1969-1971; the trees about 1971-1972, so it was really a relatively short period of time that I worked on these, a lot, all around the same time.

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