The Wig Wam Motel

I've had the Jones for this place since I was a child. I could hardly believe my good luck when I found that these were not only still standing but were lived in and the motel office had a coke machine just outside the front door. It's the old Route 66. Not much of it has changed. There's even an old abandoned orange Julius stand by the side of the road: I can't remember the last time I saw a juice stand in the shape of an orange at the side of the road in any condition, and they used to be fairly common. I can still come down out of the mountains and drive to LA on Foothill and Baseline roads and it's no different than 40 years ago: there's no reason to change. Everyone flies by on the I-10 and stops at franchise fast food and motel chains, except for in the San Gorgonio pass, where you can stop for a truck stop hamburger and climb up inside a big cement dinosaur in that desert pass. Go see "Why I Like Working at Highland Springs." [under construction--just laying the foundations at the moment] That's out there in the pass, in the high desert.

Route 66 Rendezvous is taking place in downtown San Bernardino, "the Route 66 Capital of America," 18-22 September 1997. If you like classic cars, San Bernardino is the place. Part of their route for the street cruise goes down "E" Street in downtown San Bernardino, which is a part of historical Route 66.

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