Food as Metaphor:
Dining Out: Fast food, diners, and more
American Dining--California's Role
Exhibit at Fullerton Museum of Art Through 21 October
The International Institute for Hamburger Studies
The International Hamburger Hall of Fame
How about using these two sites for the basis of a field research paper? Remember to take photos to document your trips.
Biscuits and Gravy Quarterly
An electronic newsletter devoted to Biscuits and Gravy: this issue, Redlands
Look at their pursuit of a humble dish and how their trips are written up. This might inspire you in your term paper research and field research work:
  • apple pie a la mode
  • Hot Dogs
  • Burritos
  • Malt
  • Cole Slaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Fried Chicken
  • Pan-fried trout
  • Chicken-fried Steak
  • Pancakes
  • ...the list just keeps growing: they are all foods that can be ordered and prepared in fast food places, coffee shops, and restaurants, and they are all traditional "eating out" foods.
Jonathan Gold devotes a weekly column to "greasy spoons," "dives," or diners in the Southern
California area. Watch for his column, Counter Intelligence, in the La Times and the LA Weekly. I haven't found a web page for him yet.
Buz's Crab
Best seafood in Redding, CA. The menu makes it look worth the trip.


LA Walking Tour One
Historic Downtown, Including the Bradbury Building
LA Walking Tour Two
Chinatown, Olvera Street, & Little Tokyo
LA Walking Tour Three
LA Tour Five
LA Tour Four
For Young People: Science, Natural History Museum
Street Gallery & Addendum
A Guide to over 1000 Southern California Murals (in which one of mine is included)
L.A. Union Station

Recipes and Food Corporations

Coca Cola's Home Page
Pepsi Cola's Home Page
Campbell's Home Page
Recipes for all kinds of dishes using Campbell's soup
Pillsbury's Home Page
Baking and baked goods
Crisco Recipes
Baking , Baked Goods, and more
Top Secret Recipes
Recipes for "secret ingredient" commercial foods, including Mrs. Field's Cookies and Orange Julius
Cuisine and the San Bernardino Valley
A collection of local recipes dating back to pre-Spanish times. Recipes from then to now using local ingredients are given. A+
Bruce Vorland's Student Guide to the Internet
Dining Out--Activities and Links for ESL Students
Menus on Line by Area and Type of Cuisine
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California History

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Restoring a Lion
At Weaverville Joss House, oldest Chinese Temple in California
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California Home Page
Click on Culture and History When You Get Here
California State Historical Landmarks
Tribal Areas of California
Missions of the Californias
California Missions
California Missions Interactive
California Missions
A 4th grade class linked with two bicyclists' tour of the missions
California Missions
The bike tour
Olvera Street, Chinatown, and Little Tokyo
A Day Tour
"As I Saw It"
Personal Histories and Photographs from the Library of Congress' "American Memories" Series


Huntington Gardens and Library
The permanent collection has a section devoted to the work of Charles and Henry Greene, architects of the Gambel House and the "Hollywood Bungalow" style
Frank Lloyd Wright Resource Page
Mrs. Johnson's Launch Pad