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In the loge lobby at the Orpheum Theatre, 7 July 1999

in the mountains, 1997

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The Real America: Contents

    The Real US 1:
  • Regions of the US: a site related to the Road Trips page, including the Sipchen family summer trip in an RV connected to the LA Times
  • Route 66 links
  • San Bernardino and the desert pass: "the edge"
  • Arts: Quilts, American Visions, Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, the Guerilla Girls, the Weaverville temple lion
    The Real US 2:
  • Food and Recipes
  • L.A.
  • California History
  • Architecture
  • This page is way too full, so things will be moving around.
    The Real US 3:
  • Offbeat Arts: Kerouac, Kesey, Ginsberg....
  • Native American Sites
  • Multicultural Sites--links to Spanish-language and Chinese-language and culture sites
    Language is culture.
    The Real US 4: Road Trips
  • Road Trips on the Internet:
    • Divided Highways, a companion site to a 22 October 1997 PBS presentation
    • Route 66, San Bernardino: September 1997 Classic Car Show
    • Harleys and a road trip through North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah
  • Books about road trips across the United States
  • Books about the West
  • Books about Native Americans
    Media English: Summaries of "the issues" on the air and in the print media, linked to vocabulary for that month: for ESL students to keep up with current buzzwords (not updated for many years -- didn't seem to be getting much use at the time).