ESL Theatre of Arts-3
Bring, take, and carry

bring, take, carry (3/10/99)
In Chinese and Japanese, these are all the same;
in Spanish, llevar is both take and carry (as well as wear)
    • bring something here
    • take something there

  • At school, you say, "I bring my books to school every day and I take them home after school every day."
  • At home, you say, "I take my books to school every day and bring my books home every day."
    • to carry something is to carry it in your hands:

  • We carry babies and children who are too small to walk
  • Men should offer to help women carry heavy things, like boxes: "Let me help you carry that."
    • carry is also a habit:

  • Women carry purses.
  • Men carry wallets.
  • "Are you carrying any cash?" means, "Do you have any cash with you today/now?"
  • Are you carrying a credit card?" means, "Do you have a credit card with you now?"


to wine and dine someone (11 March 1999)
to have a word on the tip of your tongue (9 March 1999)
to pass the buck (24 June 1999)

Special Verbs

to twirl your pencil (3/11/99)
to whine (3/11/99)
to whinny (3/11/99)


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