ESL Theatre of Arts-3
adverbs of frequency

(100%) always (try to avoid using this "absolute")
almost always
often, frequently
sometimes (50%)
infrequently, rarely (make sure this doesn't sound like "really")
"once in a blue moon" (since 31 March had the second blue moon of 1999)
almost never
(100%) never (try to avoid using this "absolute")

prepositions of time and place

(general to specific; big to small)
in a month, a year, a week
on a day, a date, a certain day (Valentine's Day; my birthday....)
at a time, at a time of day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
in a city, state, country
on a street
at an address, a certain place (Disneyland, the park,
the library--if we know which one you usually go to)

expressions of calendar time

yesterday, the day before yesterday, last Sunday, last Saturday, last weekend,
last week, last month, last year
tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, this Wednesday, this week, this weekend,
this coming Monday, a week from today
next Monday, next weekend, next week, the week after next, next month,
next February (2000--February 1999 is past, has passed: today is 11 March 1999)

adding -ed, -ing, and -er to verbs

spelling and pronunciation of long and short vowels
doubling the end consonant with short vowels;
hop = hopping, hopped

dropping the "silent e" with long vowels:
adding only -ed, -ing, and -er
hope = hoping, hoped

changing y to i when we add -ed or -er: carry = carried, carrier;
adding -ing: carrying

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