AFI at The American Cinematheque

Both in 2000 and in 2001, we had the opportunity to make class visits to the Egyptian Theatre and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere in the renovated theatre. This year, we need to thank both Christian Dyer and Jan Louter for getting our group in for a screening of "Sad Flower in the Sand," about the work of John Fante. We need to thank the Cultural Affairs Department and the Danish consulate for inviting us to the educational outreach screening of "Miracle," which we saw in the main theatre auditorium--special thanks from the teacher, of course, for the wonderful materials on subtitling that accompanied the Danish film. After seeing the film, Clay went out and bought a copy of Ask the Dust to read, Frank used part of the materials we got off the net with actual John Fante passages and used it for his poetry reading in his voice class, and I went to the library and checked out copies and this morning have assembled the Black Sparrow editions available (reasonable) at Amazon and linked from here. For two students to have taken an outside interest in Fante's work as a result of the couple of days' study we did on his is actually pretty phenomenal.