31 August 1998

I got up at 6:00. I had breakfast. Today, I was not late. (Yasuhiro) Today, I woke up at 6:30, but it was very hard for me to wake up this morning. This morning I could not eat anything because I was very tired. (Shinya)

Today I felt that Mrs. Johnson was offended by us in class because we didn't show any reaction, I guessed. She said, "Speak English every time you have the chance." We need to try to speak English, and she can easily help us to correct our mistakes. Mrs. Johnson gave us an expression, "Push yourselves to speak English" so we can have an enjoyable and better experience in the home stay program. It is four days to go to home stay and only an instant. We must try to speak English to respond to her kindness and to make the most of this opportunity. (Miho Imamura) Mrs. Johnson told us that we can't enjoy homestay if we don't use English. I felt her kindness from her words. (Tetsuji Maruyama)

In the morning lessons, Mrs. Johnson taught about our mistakes and how to use "some" and "any" in English.

In the afternoon lesson, I studied about "Ordering Food from a Menu." I was delighted. After that, I learned how to play a card game from Mrs. Johnson. It is called "Go Fish." It was very interesting. Today's lessons were good for me. (Chisato Hirata) We played a card game called "Go Fish." First, we deal five cards and try to gather four matching cards. If you gathered many sets of four cards quickly, you won. For example, you say to an opponent, "Do you have any twos?" If the opponent has twos, you get them, and if he doesn't have any, you have to get another card (Go Fish). We repeat this. I want to teach my friend in Japan how to play this game. (Asako Nishimura) I had never played the game before. It was interesting for me to pay the game, but it was a little difficult to speak English. (Asako Inoue)

After class, Mr. Maruyama and I went shopping to make spaghetti. Mr. Maruyama did the cooking. It was spaghetti which he cooked in his original way. (Yasuhiro)

Until 5:00, I played badminton with Azusa. Because of the strong wind, we didn't play well. When we finished playing and looked up, there were clouds in the sky. Because I had seen only very clear skies since I came to Los Angeles, I was glad that I thought it might rain for the first time since I came here. (Saori Matsushima)

After school, I listened to Mrs. Horiuchi's talk about "The Phantom of the Opera." It was very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing a musical tomorrow night.

After that, I went back to the hotel and slept for an hour. I felt good. Then I went to B.U.L.A. to eat supper. Tetsuji made Japanese spaghetti for us alone. I ate the spaghetti with Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Ishihara, Rie, Shinya, Tetsuji, Yasuhiro, and Mitsuhiro. It was plain food and it tasted good. I ate a lot of spaghetti. After that, we cleared the table and went back to the hotel at 7:15. (Asako Inoue) At dinner I ate the spaghetti which Mr. Maruyama cooked. It was delicious. We put aside some dinner. After that, we went back to the hotel. (Mitsuhiro Tamaki)

1 September 1998

I got up at 7:05. I was late for the given time. Mr. Takeda scolded us. (Yasuhiro)

In the Sogo class, this morning's lecture, we showed our teacher the pictures of our trees which was our homework last time. It was very interesting that each picture had individuality. Today's homework is a picture of our family, and I look forward to seeing the pictures we drew in the next lecture. (Saori Matsushima) During this lesson, we made a circle to look at everyone's pictures of trees. I was surprised how the images of the trees were different. Some drew big trees, others did small ones, some drew trees like in a fairy tale, and others did realistic trees. When we look at a picture, we can learn psychological things of the one who drew the picture. (Asako Nishimura)

In the next class, Dr. Atone taught us the pronunciation of English, for example, a, o, u, and "with." (Mitsuhiro Tamaki) I understood the pronunciation of a, but I could not understand the pronunciation of r. (Shinya) He told us of his failure experiences and said, "You came here because you can't speak English, so think that you came here to fail boldly." I think I'll do what he said. (Miho Imamura)

I went to see "The Phantom of the Opera." I had never seen such a beautiful theater. It was so beautiful that I don't know how to express my impression. I couldn't understand what the actors and actresses said, but I enjoyed the atmosphere of the theater. I forgot my sleepiness. (Tetsuji) The costumes, props, and scene changes were well-made. (Chisato Hirata) I was surprised at the furniture and the sculpture in the theater, like in an art museum. (Miho Imamura) The interior of the theater was decorated with many figurines and plants, and it was gorgeous. I could hardly understand the musical in English, but because I knew the story, I could understand the scenes. (Saori Matsushima)

2 September 1998

I got up at 6:30. Yesterday, I was late for the given time (7:00), so some people telephoned us in my room. I appreciated that. (Yasuhiro Hashimoto)

Today was Mrs. Johnson's class, and we corrected common errors of our journals, then I made a dialogue with my partner, and we watched a comedy of a hamburger shop. The shop only sold cheeseburgers and Pepsi. It was a very interesting comedy. At lunch time, I went to Toytown Burger with my friends, and I ordered a cheeseburger and a diet Coke. I was afraid that they would only have Pepsi there. (Asako Nishimura)

We ate at Taco Bell and, after lunch, I had difficulty in entering B.U.L.A. because the doorbell didn't ring. (Saori Matsushima)

In the afternoon lesson, we listened to the song "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and lined up the lines of the song properly. It was interesting. I want to listen to many American songs from now on. (Asako Nishimura) In the afternoon lesson, I learned about many kinds of clothes. It was very difficult for me. I wrote a few sentences. I was delighted. I want to do that again. (Chisato Hirata) I studied many kinds and patterns of clothes. We described clippings from magazines,and we decorated our classroom wall with the clippings. It looks very good. (Asako Inoue)

I ate popcorn that Mrs. Johnson cookd for us in the evening. I was not hungry, but it was delicious. (Tetsuji)

This evening, I went to Rodeo Drive with my friends by taxi. I had little money, so I could not buy anything, so I did not enjoy this trip. (Shinya) In the taxi, I talked with the taxi driver. His pronunciation was very good and easy to understand. (Yasuhiro Hashimoto) On the way back, we went to a drive-through restaurant. Then I was in trouble because I did not make my order clear. My pronunciaton was bad, but I succeeded in ordering, thanks to the driver's help. (Asako Inoue)

My friends and I promised to go to Melrose Avenue on September 8th. I haven't gone anywhere in my free time, so I am looking forward to going there. (Miho Imamura)

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